Business Extension Services & Tools

BEST is a portfolio of simple, easy to use entrepreneurial management know-how; that builds sustainable growth by executing a lean business plan in continuous innovation; using customer-centred systems and processes.

Build Right! Don’t struggle along with trial and error.


We increase access to affordable loans/grants through idea and application screening, business advisory, counselling, and business planning, with loan monitoring.

We prepare employees for planned and dignified ultimate exits into new careers as high net worth, self-employed entrepreneurs, eliminating the risk to their gratuities.

We offer business intelligence to professional entrepreneurs and ‘white-collar’ retailers with a digitized process, making it even easier and more efficient with our A star value.

We have worked with companies from Start Up to $2bill, locally, nationally, and internationally.

We provide a service that does not leave a significant cost on your balance sheet.

We bring businesses closer to markets with faster returns

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