Leaders in creating business growth

Be the next raving success

Let’s place you ahead of others using those who know how to
customize solutions

Leaders in Creating Growth

Be the next raving success.

Let’s place you ahead of others using those who know how to customize solutions.

BIZ - 3000+ SMEs created and grown, using our start and expand knowledge machinery.

the one-stop business innovation factory that produces and nurtures Africa’s best entrepreneurs to deliver exceptional value on a digital marketplace - BIZphere- linking sellers of goods and services with buyers


We learn your unique needs and connect you with our team of experts to find the best solutions.  We assist clients connect with themselves, their partners, and opportunities, and spark a fire in their team to re-model strategies, systems, and processes, as they innovate to succeed beyond the 21st century.

Others who trust our expertise

Our Impact


We source and recruit visionary leaders and talents with a singular purpose – to create continuous innovation and disruption for customer advantage.

We improve our clients’ performance and achieve massive results by providing a million-dollar value job with an A+ effort, using innovation and technology. Pay less for more!

Get a business make-over now

gain bankers’ and investors' trust, innovate, scale, increase sales and impact

Our suite of services help you use facts (not hunches), to make decisions on financing,
management strategies, operations, promotion and sales

Access Finance

At a point, all businesses will need help accessing the right finance to remain profitable, and keep growing. As Business Development Service Provider (BDSP), to the Bank of Industry (BOI), and others, we help build structures and processes, and negotiate suitable terms, and back your risks with a value-adding Loan Monitoring Service.

Diagnosis and Strategy

We reveal uncommon opportunities from everyday ideas and challenges, and build fit-for-purpose, easy-to adopt solutions.  Let’s deploy the winning strategies and knowledge, (not resources), of big organizations, to steadily expand your boundaries.

Digitize for Gains

Automate and optimize with the right- budget digital and intellectual tools and intellectual property. We can help your business take advantage of innovative technology to streamline and transform processes, operations and systems for your team. Adopt a global mentality: think big but act small. Digital is the next wave for competitive advantage . high-impact technology projects in the areas of security, business transformation & automation


Low-cost price point for all, even  the early-stage startup or small business

Entrepreneurship Camps

One of its kind; modelled
after the UNDP SME global flagship. Banker panel assures financing confidence. 3000+
businesses built and grown, including start-ups. More than training; offers management advisory with environmental and social governance support for sustainability.


Unleash your people's potential

From recruitment to on-boarding, to building the company handbook into culture, to training, and performance and productivity tracking, and to designing the right benefit to keep them engaged with you, we have your right fit in solutions.

Talent Sourcing

We source and recruit smart, visionary leaders and talents,
with a singular purpose – to create continuous innovation and disruption for client advantage.



Social Impact

Over 30 years social impact enabling inclusive, multi-sectoral, sustainable human development, with aprivate-sector led approach, using innovation, technology, trade, and investment, as we assist governments and international partners on their climate compatible development mission.

BIZphere: Connecting for Growth

Access to networks, credit, markets and growth strategies. Just what you need – opportunities for sellers and buyers to meet; boosts intra-African trade, offers access to a global
community and platform  for businesses to thrive regardless of size, position, and location. BIZphere  extends your reach.  

Ready-to-adopt prototypes

Proven to earn the bank’s trust, and increase success rate.

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