Business Innovation Zone

Business Innovation Zone (BIZ) is a technology enabled business innovation hub that nurtures and produces Africa’s best entrepreneurs to deliver exceptional value, and gain financial and market access in order to accelerate, grow, succeed, and dominate markets.


BIZ uses our well-proven entrepreneurship management expertise with the boutique resources from our digital marketing and networking space to build trust in our client’s business structure, systems and processes so that all activities are always executed around customers only.

Adapted from the popular UNDP certified flagship – Empretec, developed by McBer/Management Systems Int. Washington DC. USA.

The BIZ Goal

Bridging the wealth creation divide through affordable, accessible, bottom-line-oriented entrepreneurial management knowledge services. We work with you to address your business critical needs.

We use proven tools to help scale your business in terms of growth, credit and Process

BIZ for Market Access

We handhold SMEs to find their niche and access and dominate the market with lasting brands;
We show effective ways to drive lead generation and create conversions
BIZ builds the entrepreneur and the enterprise capacity for a timely response to market opportunities, and propels them along a sustainable pathway;
BIZ uses data to activate a culture of continuous innovation in the entrepreneur and the enterprise resulting in sustained and raving customers.

BIZ for Finance Access

A cost affordable option to address the structural deficiencies that create lack of access to finance and other support resources that are critical to success, creates strong partnerships with financial institutions to facilitate and package businesses to access easier and appropriate, least cost growth finance 


We support SME financing with banks by monitoring enterprises to successfully utilize appropriate financing according to plans. 


The BIZ model has proven to be the most cost effective and sustainable mechanism for developing entrepreneurship and enterprise capacity. BIZ shortens the learning curve and allows timely response to opportunities, innovation and growth. NGOs have found BIZ to be useful for creating and scaling successful social enterprises.

The BIZ suite of services empowers organizations to attract a continuous stream of clients and excel with industry best practices by building cost-effective structures, systems and processes around an entrepreneurship management culture for sustainability.

The BIZ system includes: LAMID’s Business Extension Services and Tools (BEST) –  a comprehensive portfolio of custom-built, simple, easy-to-use entrepreneurial management know-how and advisory services that deliver rapid and sustainable growth by executing a lean business plan built on customer-centered systems, structures and processes, with a continuous innovation focus.