Creating wealth for socio-economic transformation

We have developed Business Innovation Zone (BIZ), the first one-stop knowledge factory that produces and nurtures Africa’s best entrepreneurs to deliver exceptional value on a digital marketplace – BIZphere, which links sellers of goods and services with buyers. 

Backed by our UNDP certification, we have shown leadership in successful enterprise creation and expansion in Africa – 3000+ SMEs benefitted in over two decades.

BIZ  is bridging the wealth creation divide through affordable, bottom-line-oriented, technology-enabled entrepreneurial knowledge management services, with financial access.

Business Innovation Zone

Since inception, we have defined our clear range of expertise and decided to stick to doing what we know best, not to be all things to all people. Re-setting globalization to rightly integrate and position MSMEs and start-ups for wealth and job creation is what we do best. LAMID’s

The BIZ brands offer the combined benefits in business know-how, digital transformation, and a powerful communiity to huddle on, and leap frog to create real impact.

Grow your business with the BIZ brands. 

Access credit, growth finance and investors, and dominate markets with LAMID’s Business Expansion Strategy and Tools (BEST) – guaranteed to build capacity and trust in your structure, systems, and processes. 

Using its digital capability, LAMID’s BEST creates a lean organization that executes all activities around only the customer, and uses innovative solutions to sustainably attract, and grow obsessive customers, enlarging your reach with all the benefits.

We curate a pathway for growth renewal and acceleration through: market research to explore viable opportunities, bankable business plans, marketing and branding, accounting and finance access, HR services, and inventory management.

LAMID’s BEST averts crisis, and rescues distressed businesses by diagnosing health challenges, backed by fresh innovation and hand-holding by a professional advisor pointing out how to dominate the competition.

You will be able to spend a decent time per cycle with your business analyst and counsellor, carefully selected, with the right skills and expertise, specially trained to work with you and your business, at nominal periodic retention fees.

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Provides a platform to meet, network, and exchange ideas and information for continuous innovation and increased African SME B2B, B2C, trade and investment; backed by a state-of-the-art information highway, and business management knowledge portal

Human Capital

Recruitment is an essential function in the human capital planning and development of an organization. It is a meticulous process of attracting the best ahead-of-the-curve candidates – scheduling interviews and hiring.

Building bridges: Re-setting globalization for social inclusion

BIZ is bridging the wealth creation divide using affordable, accessible, bottom-line-oriented entrepreneurial knowledge management services to create jobs with high growth-traction.

After credit access, the next  challenge our SME clients face -unemployability – is tackled head-long, to retain African talents, and stem the relentless brain drain.

The BIZ brands have increased the potential for earning foreign income from exporting to new markets, with a clear pathway for making BIZ alumni dominate the African Free Continental Trade Area (AfTA).

BIZphere, our business linkage and information portal makes a rich array of products globally accessible, with a secure e-payment system driven by cutting edge technology.

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Social Impact by Cooperatives

Women & Youth Development

We have learnt that  cooperative formation and development with entrepreneurial and financial management capacity are very strategic and intentional means of improving access into the middle and upper class; particularly access to the needed resources for improved economic activity and quality of life.

We facilitate the Sustainable Development Goals, (SDGs) with gender equality and women’s empowerment being crucial to accelerating overall national development. We tackle unemployability to retain young African talents, and stem the relentless brain drain. These strategies inform how we achieve real social inclusion.

LAMID’s 25 years+ impact enabling inclusive, sustainable human development adopts a private-sector-led multi-stakeholder approach using innovation, technology, trade and investment. It has created and accelerated several  cooperatives owned and led by women and youths.

Our BIZ model has proven how members can successfully pool resources, access financing and investments to purchase goods and services, scale, and sustain growth to protect their interests for mutual gains.

We equip members with skills in cooperative management and business development as the first step in preparing and hand-holding them for successful business practice, and attractive financing making them own, and achieve their socio-economic transformation.

Niger Delta stakeholders are in consensus that the BIZ model has produced record-breaking and strengthened capacity for conflict prevention and management, improved civic participation, greater environmental and social governance with enhanced community livelihood.