Core Expertise


Business Information Zone

Business Innovation Zone (BIZ) is a technology enabled business innovation hub that nurtures and produces Africa’s best entrepreneurs to deliver exceptional value, and gain financial and market access in order to accelerate, grow, succeed, and dominate markets


Business Extension & Service Tools

Our Business Extension Support Tools is a portfolio of comprehensive, custom-built, management and business advisory/extension services, intended to build business processes, structures and systems for achieving high growth.


Human Capital Development

Business and entrepreneurial management education programs through seminars, symposia, workshop, trade fairs/public enlightenment programs and expos.

Social Sector

 Policy, Poverty Reduction, Wealth and Job Creation, Youth and Gender Empowerment, Environment, Funds Management, Foreign Executive Out placement

Tech for Business

LAMID Technology offers optimized business opportunities for clients from different sectors especially the SMEs who intend to extend their business outreach on a global platform via the World Wide Web.