Our Team

The LAMID Consulting team comprises specialists in their own fields, who each bring to bear their skills and experience in a professional speciality, and commit to model the company’s values and principles. Advisors are selected from the most suitable and best-qualified people; chosen for their ability to convey knowledge, and share their expertise using techniques […]

Mission & Vision

Mission “We improve our clients’ performance and achieve massive results” by providing a million-dollar value job with an A+ effort, using innovation and technology. Pay less for more!’. Vision 2024 ““To produce 8,000 more of Africa’s best entrepreneurs to deliver exceptional value and dominate their markets.” To this end, LAMID Consulting has empowered over 3000 […]

Our Core values

LAMID has identified its core values which have shaped and defined our approach to proffering solutions. What we stand for, what sums up our business ideals, culture, products and services are embedded in these values. They are explicitly represented in: Integrity Authenticity & Simplicity Innovation & Results Driven Seamless Service Partnership Client Value Creation Learning […]

Our Business Model

An aggregate of various elements including ideas, skills, human activities, strategy, technology, machines, materials management and strategy. Together, we blend several factors and capitalize on our diversities to deliver incremental value to the client as we enrich our individual and collective perspectives


For almost three decades, through in-depth research, we have successfully proffered solution to a wide array of clients in the private sector especially SMEs, as well as governments, NGOs and international development partners. Broadly, our results include increased profits, innovation, job creation, youth development, environmental enhancement, and knowledge building. These have been achieved through our […]

Our Approach

LAMID is guided by its values and commits to partner with clients to focus on performance improvement and growth, by providing real time solutions. We explore face-to-face and online media approaches to ensure that clients’ needs are met by minimizing the barriers posed by cost, time and location, in order to increase the client’s access […]

Our Strength

LAMID’s Management comprises a core team of highly experienced and efficient professionals managed by Senior Partners. They offer sustained business advisory services to client organizations, while providing the unique skill sets that clients cannot source otherwise, hence the high retention rate of LAMID’s services. LAMID’s strength lies in its ability to assist clients to rapidly […]


LAMID Consulting is a leading management consulting firm established in 1988. LAMID has since grown substantially by demonstrating an impressive track performance with the private sector, international organizations, and government agencies. LAMID’s mission is to accelerate our clients’ performance with transformational results, by creating partnerships that customize innovative and sustainable solutions in confidence. Business Innovation […]